The Family Court and the Law Clinic of the University of Augsburg inform about requirements and modalities of an involvement as a guardian through a short film on June 20.

Augsburg/MK/KPP – Representatives of the Family Court Augsburg, the bar association and the Faculty of Law inform about the possibility of assuming guardianship for unaccompanied minor refugees in auditorium 1009 (Faculty of Law, building H, Universitätsstraße 24) on Tuesday, June 20, 6 pm. Through a short film, four voluntary guardians advertise this form of involvement.

There are still many unaccompanied minors coming to Bavaria as refugees. Therefore, more students committing themselves as guardians are to be found through the Law Clinic Augsburg. Following a similar information event 18 months ago, four law students decided to assume such a voluntary guardianship. Their experiences are shown in a short film made few days ago by Nadja Ißler, a student at Maria-Ward-Gymnasium in Augsburg, with the help of the Media Laboratory at the University of Augsburg.

„Engaging as a guardian makes everyday student life more varied, and at the same time, you can do a good deed“, Matthias Sauer says. The research assistant was the first voluntary guardian from the Faculty of Law at the University of Augsburg. As a representative of the Family Court, judge Sonja von Gryczewski explains: ”A guardian’s responsibility – apart from their usual duties, i.e. apart from the legal representation of the minor and support in the asylum procedure – is mainly to commit to the benefit of the refugee, help him or her integrate into our society and act as a counselor.“ And lawyer Anne Riethmüller adds: ”A guardian does not necessarily have to be a fully qualified lawyer. He or she however has to be able to decide whether and when it is necessary to contact a lawyer”.

„We regard our effort to find voluntary guardians among students, in cooperation with the Family Court, the Youth Welfare Office and lawyers, as an important part of our practical commitment“, says Dr. Matthias Kober, project manager of the Law Clinic at the Faculty of Law at the University of Augsburg.

Students assuming guardianship for unaccompanied minor refugees