Student Legal Advice in the field of Migration Law


Please direct your enquiries about

  • appointments within our office hours for advice on concrete legal issues concerning the field of migration law,
  • appointments to prepare for the ‘Big Interview’ (hearing at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees),
  • appointments for the preparation for court hearings,
  • informative lectures for refugees or volunteers, and
  • legal opinions on concrete or abstract legal issues

solely via email to, otherwise we will not be able to handle them.

Having conducted a short feasibility test, which comprises among others checking whether we can find apt students willing and able to deal with the enquiry, we will then get back to you.

Getting Advice

We have office hours held in the facilities of the University of Augsburg’s faculty of law, where we offer advice concerning legal issues in the field of migration law.

In particular, we offer preparations for the Big Interview and court hearings.

Thanks to the engagement of the Language Clinic Augsburg, we are also able to provide volunteer interpreters for many languages for our office hours and offer translations of the written transcripts of Big Interviews.

Furthermore, we give comprehensive legal opinions on specific or abstract legal issues in the field of aliens and asylum law.

Apart from that, we offer the following informative lectures:

For volunteers:

  • „Basics of the national asylum procedure “

This lecture gives a comprehensive overview of the national asylum procedure and draws attention to steps that are especially important and potentially problematic areas.

  • „Application for asylum rejected – what is to be done?“

What happens if an application for asylum has been rejected and what legal action can be taken against this rejection? Additionally, we will present legal alternatives to the asylum procedure aiming at permitted residence in Germany.

  • „‘Big Interview‘: before, during and after “
    This lecture presents the various steps to be taken before, during and after the hearing at the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees.

For refugees:

  • ‚Big Interview‘ preparations for groups

Apart from the individual preparations for the Big Interview, we also offer preparations for groups. We will explain the procedure of Big Interviews and its legal basis and will discuss important details in general terms. This Big Interview preparation for groups are (in addition to individual preparation) especially relevant for reception centres accommodating several persons of one country of origin all facing the Big Interview.

  • „Contract Law and entitlement to compensation“

This lecture explains what is important when entering into a contract. Additionally, basics of Schadenersatzrecht (~German tort law) will be introduced.

  • „Contracts for Bank Accounts“

How to open a bank account? Why is it important to hold one? And what has to be taken into consideration on opening it? These are the questions this lecture will provide answers to.

  • „Basics of Labour Law“

What is the content of an employment contract? Which rights and obligations can be deduced from it? What do the German words “brutto” (gross) and  “netto” (net) mean? These and many other questions relevant to German professional life will be the subject of this lecture.

  • „Basics of Tenancy Law“

This lecture focuses on entering into lease and tenancy agreements and tenants‘ as well as landlords‘ rights and obligations, especially on the fields of termination of tenancy agreements and temporary agreements.

Within our range of possibilities, we are happy to organize other lectures or include additional aspects on request.

The Language Clinic’s volunteer interpreters are available for lectures intended for refugees in a variety of languages.

School Training Program – WPS

As part of our school training program, we engage with students to introduce them to the asylum procedure and answer legal questions regarding the field of flight and asylum.

In two lessons, we explain the asylum procedure, starting with the refugee’s arrival and finishing with the official decision on asylum and leaving sufficient room for discussion.

For further information and contact details, please refer to our information leaflet.

Student Legal Advice in the field of Tenancy Law

Student legal advice in the field of tenancy law will be offered by the Law Clinic Augsburg in cooperation with the „Wohnbüro“ (office for living space) of the municipality of Augsburg and the bar association for the higher regional court of Munich, starting from January 2019.