Project Manager and Director
Project Manager

Dr. Matthias Kober
Prodekan für Zentrale Aufgaben und Akademische Angelegenheiten

Public relation
Organization of events, advertisement, press, maintenance of the Facebook page and the website

Melanie Jogschies
Michael Rehm

Training program
Development and supervision of the training program for migration and tenancy law
Kim Dudde

Social affairs
Organization of study trips, get-togethers and other events

Tobias Hock

Migration law
Management of the advisor team for migration law

Corinna Himml
Alessdandra Garrido

Tenancy law
Management of the advisor team for tenancy law

Felix Grözinger

Weiterbildungsprogramm für Schulen (WPS)
Leitung des Weiterbildungsprogramms für Schulen (WPS)

Amir Sahuric

Language Clinic

Tel. +49 (0) 821 598-4508