The Faculty of Law of the University of Augsburg and its cooperating partners in this project guarantee the high quality of work by the Law Clinic Augsburg.

The following measures are in place to maintain high standards of quality:

  • The Law Clinic Augsburg is provided with grants, an office with computers and at least one research assistant by the Faculty of Law
  • Participants are selected based on an application procedure
  • The Law Clinic Augsburg has constant access to up-to-date media from the library
  • All processes within the Law Clinic Augsburg follow clear, strictly formalized procedures
  • The extensive extracurricular training program for participants spans two terms. This strong academic emphasis complements the application to practical situations in cooperation with lawyers, the Administrative Court and other professionals.
  • The Law Clinic Augsburg is accompanied by an advisory board
  • Having signed a confidentiality agreement upon their acceptance, volunteers of the Law Clinic Augsburg are obliged to maintain confidentiality in their handling of cases.