The Law Clinic Augsburg

The Law Clinic Augsburg was brought to life by students in January 2015. On the basis and within the scope of the Legal Services Act, the Law Clinic Augsburg offers free legal advice by committed students. This has been limited to migration law (as well as connected fields of law) for now, with the addition of tenancy law estimated for January 2019.

After completing an extensive training program, participants cooperate with the municipality of Augsburg and the Bar Association for the Higher Regional Court of Munich to answer legal questions, both in person and as in the form of legal opinions. The compulsory training program is one of numerous measures in place to ensure the high quality of the work performed by the students.

In the field of migration law, participation in the Law Clinic Augsburg is open to all students, regardless of their degree program, as well as interested parties from outside the university.

In the field of tenancy law, participation is open to students of a law or law and economics degree program only. This is due to the comparatively shorter training program.

The Language Clinic Augsburg was established at the beginning of the summer term of 2016 as an additional project of volunteer interpreters.

A school training program (WPS) was brought into life in 2017. As part of this program, participants of the Law Clinic Augsburg visit schools to explain the asylum procedure to pupils and inform them about asylum and refugees.

Through this project, the Faculty of Law at the University of Augsburg is expanding its course offerings through an extracurricular training program.


The Law Clinic Augsburg is headed by a director, who is appointed by the dean of the Faculty of Law. The director is further supported by a student committee which he oversees.
The student committee is responsible for the organization of all processes within the Law Clinic Augsburg, the structure of the training program, and the coordination of members as well as partners and mandates.
The student committee is involved in the following departments:
· migration law
· public relations
· training program
· social affairs
· tenancy law

The Law Clinic Augsburg is supported by an advisory board. Currently sitting on the board are: RA Dr. Thomas Weckbach (Vice President of the Bar Association for the Higher Regional Court of Munich), Dr. Stefan Kiefer (Social Secretary and Major of the City of Augsburg), Prof. Dr. Ulrich M. Gassner (Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law), another professor of the Faculty of Law as well as two other members who have yet to be appointed.
We are a member of the umbrella organization of Refugee Law Clinics in Germany.